Version History

Version 1.4c - 23/4/10

  • Increased the length of the twinned with field

Version 1.4b - 3/4/9

  • Added public contact details for each club
  • Added field for venue postcode for clubs
  • New Feature Added ability to delete member photos

Version 1.4 - 31/8/7

  • Added automatic email to DG and membership services when removing member
  • Added a simple exit checklist when removing members, plus membership numbers audit database
  • New Feature District Diary
  • New Feature List membership statistics for all clubs in District
  • New Feature Added facility for Club Secretary to obtain list of all District Secretaries
  • New Feature Added ability for clubs to enter all their own charter details
  • Fixed a bug with the variable font size if using and
  • Added feature to automatically email membership and DG when a new member added
  • Record each login for security. Display last login to administrators
  • Configured google analytics for statistical tracking of users
  • When sending email from APAC, copy of mail is sent to the originator
  • New Feature Added abilty to switch to a larger font size to aid accessibility
  • Added the ability to extract club particulars to main District website
  • Added the ability to pass links through the login process so that shortcuts to member details work
  • When reviewing a members details; i)show clubname, ii)switch to that club
  • Changed the member login prompt to reference the new directory
  • New Feature Added member search facility

Version 1.3 - 6/7/7

  • Added District administration features for mailing club officers

Version 1.2 - 14/4/7

  • New Added the ability for the Secretary to download spreadsheet or obtain block of email addresses
  • New Added the ability to change club details (meeting times etc)
  • Small changes to the club check sheet
  • Added Tally of Honorary members to confirmed progress page
  • Increased photo upload script timeout so that larger pictures may be sent
  • Added functionality to the presidents page to cope with clubs that have more than one president
  • New Added badges to each clublist to show if PP, PHF, PDG, HON and if member has photo uploaded
  • Changed 'view by role' to say 'view officers' on list members page
  • Made the image for the top navigation bar wider to cope with wide screens

Version 1.1 - 27/3/7

  • Additional instructions on roles page
  • Deleting member - purge from rolerelationship table
  • Caught error on edit roles if either person or role not selected
  • Changed the roles page so that roles are less likely to be accidentally deleted
  • Changed menu item 'by role' to 'officers' to help users identify option correctly

Version 1.0 - 25/3/7

  • Fixed page formatting on emailer page
  • Added page to list all presidents together with their photo if available
  • New Photo upload facility for every member
  • Several text formatting issues
  • Help field was obscuring part of input area on contact form
  • fixed a problem in firefox with club selector dialog

Version 0.5 - 23/3/7

  • Added new button to edit member form for Save and Next
  • Fixed a script error on edit member page that caused Firefox issues (missing content panel)
  • Changed login so that first page seen after login is the 'Home' page
  • Added link to administrator home page to send apac Admin an email
  • Fixed problem with year being changed each time club navigation is used when viewing roles
  • Permitted no more than 4 characters in the YOB field to stop admins attempting to enter full date of birth
  • Print Check List button added to the list members page
  • Changed confusing wording around phone numbers on edit member form
  • Added initials to sort order when listing members so that members with same surname are sorted as expected
  • Added version history page to try and keep track of changes

Version 0.4 - 18/3/7

  • First version on limited exposure



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